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Sunday , January 20 2019
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See What Happens To Your Body 10 Hours After You Put A Nail Polish

A lot of girls are not aware of the effect of using nail polish. There is a study that shows that the majority of nail polish that are found on the markets in America ad Europe are quite harmful.


What did the study show?

20 women has agreed to participate in this study. The scientists were checking for traces of chemicals. They have identified toxins in all women. This toxins have entered in their bodies with using the nail polish. The results are showing that the tested woman had traces of triphenyl phosphate in their body, ten hours after they use nail polish. Also scientists were checking 10 popular nail polishes and they have found the chemical triphenyl phosphate in 8 of them. Only six of them have highlighted the presence of this chemical on their labels. Which means that 20% of the nail polishes are containing harmful chemicals that are not listed on their labels.

Triphenyl Phosphate

Triphenyl phosphate is also known as TPHP and it is linked to many health issues. The doctors are concerned because it has the ability to harm the endocrine system, which is managing the hormones in the body.

According to one of the leading researchers in this project, Dr. Heather Stapleton, there are numerous studies and tests that have shown that TPHP is probably directly affecting regulation of hormones, reproduction, metabolism and development. Unfortunately a lot of teenage girls are using nail polishes, and it can disrupt their hormonal balance and development which is crucial for their growth. TPHP is bringing a lot of health issues to all the individuals who are exposed to it’s negative effects.

TPHP has been labeled as:

  • Reproductive toxin
  • Neurotoxin
  • Endocrine toxin
  • Skin allergen and irritant


This compound is a proven carcinogen and it can easily dissolve in tap water and even in air. This is where the strong scent from nail polishes comes from. If you are  in touch with this toxin you can experience symptoms as asthma, throat problem, breathing difficulties etc. Obviously, individuals dealing with chronic diseases are more prone to the negative effects of formaldehyde.


Toluene is a chemical that is  linked to disruptions in the child development. There were cases where toluene was found in breast milk too. Toluene is  acting as skin irritant.

Dibutyl phthalate

A lot of  nail polish products are using phthalate as a replacement for TPHP, but this substance is also dangerous for the human health. Dibutyl phthalate can bring the same dangers to the health like reproductive problems and hormonal misbalance.

Natural Nail Polish Solutions

There are some manufacturers that are trying to replace these harmful ingredients with safer ones. So, there are some natural solutions that are not coming with any of the ingredients that we have mentioned before. Here is a short list of some of these natural products.

  1. Honeybee Gardens has a separate collection of nail polish products that come in different vivid colors. They are based on water so you won’t have difficulties removing them with rubbing alcohol and they don’t have any harmful ingredients.
  2. Acquarella is a company that has a nail polish collection with more than 50 colors. This nail polishes are based on water and they don’t have traces toxic ingredients.
  3. SpaRitual is a brand of polishes that provides products free of toxins.
  4. Peacekeeper Cause-Metics is another brand with few interesting nail polish options that contain argan oil and no toxins.

As you can see, you don’t have to stay away from all nail polish products, you just need to check their labels and opt for those that don’t have ingredients that may lead to health problems.




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