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Friday , December 14 2018
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This Is The Most Irritating Problem With Skin – Everyone Had A Touch Of It!

Wearing uncomfortable clothes made of poor quality material, frequent use of chemicals on the skin, especially in summer it can cause an unpleasant rash on the skin. This type of rash appears most at the babies but it can also occur in adults like the eczema which, if is not treated on time ca become serious health problem.

The rash most often appears at babies aged to five months to 1 year which is consistently covered in diapers. The rash does not represent major health problem and can be cured with combination of cream and baby powder but still, it can irritate the baby which is manifested with crying and disinclination.

The rash although less frequently appears at adults also, most often in the summer months among women in the area between the tights. The skin is rubbing with the sweat and this is manifested by very unpleasant irritations which sometimes is so painful that inhibits the normal motion. It can come to bleeding if you scratch yourself.

The eczema is more serious medical condition which also appears most at children aged up to 5 years but it can also be spotted at adults. This condition of the skin in most of the cases goes away through the growing process of the child. The eczema is manifested as redness of the skin and strong attacks of itching. Most affected areas are cheeks, joints, arms and legs.                                                  The eczema can be treated with creams and ointments but, if it is not treated appropriately it can be infected and then you need to start consuming antibiotics. It appears as immune response to an allergen but also as damage on the skin from the use of strong soaps and detergent containers.      

For this condition of the skin, it is necessary to react on time and start with treating because the eczema may pass into chronicle dermatitis.




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