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Tuesday , September 18 2018
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At First, I Thought It Was Just A Unique Necklace. Just Wait Until She Flips It Around…



How often do you spend time sitting down and reading? I don’t know about you, but reading is one of my favorite activities. Although I unfortunately don’t have enough time for reading as I used to, I still fondly remember days when I was a child where I would spend hours upon hours reading by myself in my room. Well, if you love to read and you want something to show it off, I might’ve have found the perfect thing for you…








The Etsy shop Vintage Charmed Books specializes in creating tiny pendants that are replicas of your favorite pieces of literature.


Whether it’s children’s books or classics, Vintage Charmed Books have made them all.





Of course these pendants don’t hold the actual text of the book. Instead, when you open the pendant, you’ll find an open locket with a picture and a quote from the book along with a vintage-looking cover.


Vintage Charmed Books describe themselves as “a couple of gals who adore all things vintage.”


It’s incredible to realize that no matter how long ago you might’ve read this books, the quotes inside each of these books are still relevant to this very day.


It’s true when people say that books are timeless.


The Vintage Charmed Books team hopes that with these pendants they can foster an appreciation for literature in the current generation.


The best part about these pendants? They can either be worn with the cover facing out or the quote facing out. It’s like you’re getting two totally different pendants for the price of one!










So if you’re looking for a incredible piece of art to show off how much you love books, these pendants might be exactly what you’re looking for!

What did you think about this book jewelry? Would you wear one yourself? We want to hear your thoughts. Let us know in the comments below!

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