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Sunday , January 20 2019
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Blepharitis : 5 Effective Home Remedies You Could Use Any Time



Blepharitis or known as eyelid inflammation among people is common inflammation caused by bacterial eye infection.


This infection occurs when the oil glands contained in your eyelash hair follicles get clogged or irritated.


Home Remedies for Blepharitis


Blepharitis has two forms:

*Anterior- occurs on the outside of your eyes
*posterior- occurs in the inner corners of your eyes
The exact cause is still unknown, but there are some factors that for certain can increase the risk such as dandruff on your scalp or eyebrows, eyelash mites or lice, allergic reactions to eye makeup, side effects of medication, certain types of bacterial infections and malfunctioning oil glands.



Symptoms of blepharitis:

• Swollen/inflamed eyelid
• Itchy eyelid
• Burning sensation in the eyes
• Red eyes
• Watery eyes
• Oily eyelids
• Crusting at the base of the eyelashes
• Increases sensitivity to light
• Feeling like you have something inside your eyes
Eyelash loss is a potential complication of blepharitis. If it is left untreated it can lead to serious eye infection, so make sure you see your doctor on time.
For minor symptoms, you can try some of the following simple home remedies:



1. Warm Compresses

This is an effective way of solving this problem because the warm compresses will loosen scales and debris around your eyelashes. Another great thing you get from warm compresses is that they reduce the risk of an enlarged lump and improve blood circulation.
All you need to do is take one clean washcloth and soak it in warm water. Wring it out and place it over your closed eyelid for a couple of minutes. Repeat this procedure 4 times but make sure you rewet the washcloth. When done with this clean any oily debris or scales collected on the eyelid using a clean cloth.
This procedure need to be done couple of times during the day until you see some progress.

2. Scrub Your Eyelids

In order to prevent any accumulation of oil residue and scaly patches on the eyelids, make sure you scrub your eyelid thoroughly and often. With this you will also prevent development of crusts on the eyelids that can delay the healing process.
For this remedy all you’ll need 2-3 drops of baby shampoo and 1 cup of warm water. Mix these two and then soak a clean cotton ball in the mixture. Use the soaked cloth to gently scrub the base of your eyelashes for 15 seconds per eyelid. When you are done with this, rinse your eyes with cold water. Repeat the procedure 3 times per day.




3. Castor Oil

Castor oil is simple, but always available and affordable remedy for blepharitis. Due to its ricinoleic acid which works as anti-inflammatory agent, castor oil can relieve itching, irritation, burning and pain associated with the condition.
Before starting the procedure you need to wash your eyelid and eyelashes with lukewarm water. Then apply a warm compress over the eyelid for 5 minutes and afterwards using a cotton swab apply pure organic castor oil on your closed eyelid and eyelashes. Prefer doing this at nights before going to sleep, so that it reacts overnight. The next morning rinse your eyes thoroughly with warm water. Keep doing this for a couple of days but once in one day.



4. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The best way of easing symptoms of blepharitis associated with ocular rosacea is with omega-3 fatty acids due to their ability to aid healthy functioning of the meibomian glands.
According to study conducted in 2013, omega-3 fatty acids have a positive role for dry eye syndrome as well as in conditions such as blepharitis and meibomian gland disease.
You can increase your intake of omega-3 fatty acids in two ways: by including more food rich in omega-3 fatty acids or by supplements.



5. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a simple, but very effective remedy for blepharitis due to its anti-inflammatory properties and other nutrients that help in reducing inflammation, itching, pain and also it can restore your eyes health.
All you need is a cotton ball and coconut oil. Soak the ball in it and apply on inflamed eyelid. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes before rinsing your eyes. Use this remedy at regular intervals throughout the day.
In case you don’t have a coconut oil at the moment, you can try this with olive oil as an alternative.







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