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We have been taught that annual mammograms are a must to ensure the necessary precaution to good health.

So what we are about to share with you will seem completely at odds with what we take for granted as good practice. research proves that such a measure is pointless at best and dangerous at worst.

It turns out that the most recent and advanced research demonstrates that not only are mammograms useless, they can be flat out dangerous.

Naturally, the medical industry isn’t exactly coming clean about this for obvious reasons. They will do anything to deny the truth and keep the money rolling in.

Recent studies show that this mammography does more harm than any good, as there are things such as false positives, as well as overtreatment and even cancers induced by this radiation (ironic, we know.)

In fact, the largest study  ever conducted on this subject, involving over 90.000 women and lasting for ¼ a century, has served to plant some serious doubts concerning mammograms.

The thing is, the percentage of deaths for women who had breast cancer were absolutely identical between those who had mammograms done and those who didn’t.

Additionally, it turns out that a mammogram screening can even be harmful for the patient as sometimes there can be a false result which can lead to unnecessary surgery, chemotherapy, and treatment.

It’s simply radiation that you don’t need in your life!

The Irony

You must admit it is rather ironic to use a method which, due to its high radiation levels, may end up causing cancer while looking for it.

Ionizing radiation does indeed have the potential to cause cancer and what with the fact that so many women have their breasts radiated year after year…

The thing is, even though a tumor may end up causing cancer, by itself, it does not do any harm.

So, when the test result shows a tumor which may not have any dangerous potential, all the same, they wish to treat it.

And that is what can cause complications. It’s best to leave some tumors be.

The conclusion is that radiating yourself with mammograms in hopes of reducing your mortality chances does not do a single thing.

There are also many other studies, including multiple Norwegian ones which also conclude the same thing that the biggest study mentioned above did.

Mammograms are, in truth, useless and harmful.

Sheer proof of that is the fact that, according to many studies conducted, those who underwent mammography had a bigger incidence of invasive cancer than those who didn’t.

So, in other words, you are not helping yourself by having your breasts screen regularly, you are UN-helping yourself.

It Gets Worse…

Now that we’ve discussed the dangers of getting a false positive…there is also the danger of getting a false negative on your test results.

This means that a potentially life-threatening cancer can be missed According to the NCI (National Cancer Institute), at the time of screening, mammograms miss up to 20% of cancers which are already present in the patient.

The problem lies in the fact that cancer in its early stages can be extremely difficult to diagnose. And the standards for diagnosing are non-existent!

Moreover, pathologists which are performing the scan are not required to have any specialized expertise.

In other words, the results are anything but certain, and sometimes it seems like they depend on the mere ‘flip of a coin’, so to speak.

And since solely relying on mammography for detecting cancer is not the solution, many women are hesitant and confused as to what to do to ensure themselves.

Want 2x the Amount of Radiation?

Now there’s even a “new and improved” mammogram called 3D Tomosynthesis.

It’s supposed to be a better alternative to the original, but, if you can believe it, it exposes the patient to even higher levels of radiation.

Twice the amount, in fact.

And the worst part?

They are suggesting that one continues to undergo the 2D mammogram in addition to the 3D one…which means higher radiation doses than ever before.

Healthy Cancer Prevention Methods

In case you are just as confused and frightened as many other women on this serious subject, we have some advice you might find helpful.

Like with many other diseases, prevention of breast or any other type of cancer largely depends on one’s lifestyle choices.

Start with these:

  • Avoid processed foods and sugar (particularly refined fructose)
  • Make sure your vitamin D levels are sufficient
  • Go easy on any protein
  • Avoid soy products in their unfermented form
  • Improve your leptin receptor and insulin sensitivity
  • Do regular workouts and be more active in general. Such as when doing everyday tasks.
  • Make sure you are not overweight or obese and try and maintain a healthier body weight.
  • Drink about a pint to a quart of green vegetable juice on a daily basis. Organic, of course.
  • Stock up on healthy, high-quality omega-3 fatty acids (animal-based), such as, say, krill oil.
  • Learn to integrate curcumin into your everyday life. The active compound in the ‘miracle spice’ turmeric has a ton of health benefits, including keeping cancer at bay.
  • Try and avoid or at the very least limit your alcohol intake.
  • Try and stay away from emf (electromagnetic fields) as much as you can. Even something like an electric blanket can increase your odds towards developing cancer.
  • Avoid, BPA, synthetic hormone therapy, phthalates and any other xenoestrogens.
  • Be sure to check if you are iodine deficient.
  • Stay away from charred meats. And in case you are cooking them yourself, the last thing you should be doing is charring them.

Get and Stay Well-Informed

With all the lies we are fed on a daily basis, health-wise included, we need to stay alerted and look for real evidence which is compelling enough in its statement of telling the truth.

Unfortunately, it is not like you can always trust doctors, as many of them are as brainwashed as most individuals.

Try and maintain your health by making wise lifestyle decisions and always make sure to take any health advice with a pinch of salt.

Even ours.

Always do your own research!

Source: Dr.Mercola | RSNA | NCBI



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