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Sunday , February 17 2019
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Natural Cancer Prevention And Cure No. 1 For Kidney Problems

Today in this article the drink we are presenting is a wonderful source of folic acid and also has carotenoids and anti-cancer properties. The important ingredient are beets, a red vegetable that is filled with health benefits. Mix beets with carrots and with apples and you will have very tasty mixture that is beneficial for your health.

Preparing the drink is very easy – just blend some beets to get beet juice and pour it into a glass jar. Leave the beet juice for an hour, then add some fresh carrot and apple juice and mix well. Drink the potion at least an hour before your breakfast.

It’s very important not to mix all the ingredients at once – leave the beet juice to stay for an hour before adding the others. This is done in order to eliminate certain harmful compounds present in beets which have been known to cause vomiting, nausea and dizziness when ingested. Leaving the juice for an hour will make them lose their properties and cause the desired effects when react with oxygen.

The healthy drink will help you prevent cancer, liver and kidney diseases while also preventing ulcers and strengthening your immune system. The juice can eliminate toxins from your body and freshen up your breath, and is especially helpful for women as it reduces menstrual pain. Thanks to the rich nutrient density of beets, the potion will improve your cardiovascular health and your blood chart.



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