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Wednesday , March 20 2019
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This Plant Saved Me from Cancer A Man Shares His Extraordinary Experience

This is a story of a Bulgarian man who fought a difficult battle with his terrible disease. His story inspired many people to never give up hoping, and here’s why.

“In 2002, my doctors discovered a benign tumor in my brain. I was immediately admitted to the BLD hospital in Sofia, to be prepared for a surgery. My tumor was 5.5cm in diameter and my operation was successful, as I was operated by the finest neurosurgeons in Bulgaria.

Two years later, my tumor came back and grew almost to the same size. I had to have a second surgery, this time a laser surgery. However, after the operation my left arm and leg became paralyzed. The doctors then investigated my tumor further, and it turned out to be atypical.

I was then sent to the oncology department for radiotherapy, which wasn’t very successful. The tumor grew back and another surgery was scheduled. After this one, I went for rehabilitation and it was there, to my own fortune, that I met the man who changed my life.

That man had kidney cancer, but unfortunately, his operation was not successful and his doctors told him that he had only 3-4 months to live. After the surgery, he met a woman who told him about a plant that can cure this terrible disease and how to make his own medicine from the plant. The plant was elderberry – a bush-like plant that grows around river canals, and its fruits look like blueberries.

This Plant Saved Me from Cancer A Man Shares His Extraordinary Experience (2)The blackberry blossoms at the end of August and beginning of September. The fruit needs to be well-ripened to have its medicinal properties. Once picked, the elderberries need to be washed and stored in a jar, by putting a row of elderberries, then a row of sugar, and repeat the same until the jar is fully filled. The jar needs to be exposed to sunlight, so it can ferment. After two weeks, the jar needs to be sealed and stored in the fridge.

You can make 2, 3 or 4 jars, but you have to have at least two so that you can have enough medicine for one year. You should eat at least 1 teaspoon every morning on an empty stomach, about 10 minutes before you eat your breakfast.

The man who told me about this plant convinced me in its healing properties. He started using the medicine when his doctors told him that he has no chance of being cured. Months later, he was still alive, and his results showed that his cancer was gone! That’s why I started using the same medicine, but I had to wait 2 months so I can pick the elderberries, prepare the medicine and start using it. It’s been four years since my last operation, and my tumor is still gone.  

I told many people about the healing powers of elderberry, and after talking to a doctor I found out that her only patient was able to cure herself from breast cancer using the same medicine. When she went for a control examination, the doctor found out her cancer was gone.
The elderberry is very useful for the immune system and curing many diseases.

The elderberry fruits are best when they are completely ripe, which is why you should take out any green and unripe berry. The fruit should be soft, dark, and completely black.

Also, keep in mind that it might take a while until you get used to the unpleasant taste of this medicine. I had the urge to vomit when I first started to use the medicine, but I got used to it in the end. That’s why, while you’re still getting used to the medicine, make sure that you’re always near the toilet because the cure will make you want to go to the toilet about half an hour after consuming it.

The elderberry can also be used by people who want to strengthen their immunity. The elderberry is great against flu and colds.

I wish everyone fortune and health, and most of all to be cured!”, the man concluded.



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