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People from This Tribe Live for over 100 Years and They Never Get Cancer! – Their Secret Is Now Available to Everyone!

Vitamin B17, or laetrile, can be used to treat cancer due to its ability to kill cancer cells and prevent the cancer from re-appearing by strengthening the immune system. The story of vitamin B17 is a typical story of an ordinary and honest man who clashed with the mafia in his unselfish desire to help a fellow man. Even the FDA played a part in this story, by proclaiming laetrile as a dangerous substance and prohibiting its sales, production, import and animal testing.People from This Tribe Live for over 100 Years and They Never Get Cancer! – Their Secret Is Now Available to Everyone!

There are many plants and other healing substances in nature that are known to have the ability to treat cancer, as well as many other serious diseases. Unfortunately, modern medicine keeps ignoring these natural medicines, causing them to be illegally sold. One such medicine is the laetrile, which is also called amygdaline and vitamin B17.

The FDA made buying this natural supplement almost impossible, even though it is a completely natural and harmless supplement. If a doctor wants to prescribe a laetrile supplement, s/he has to “admit” to the FDA that laetrile was used in his/her practice. In other words, the laetrile supplements are mainly illegal because no doctor wants to admit that s/he uses laetrile. That’s why most people get their laetrile from a natural source – apricot kernels. If you crack open an apricot seed, you can find a small core that is almond-shaped. However, the core is softer than almonds and has no similar taste.

People in North Pakistan consume 250-3000mg of vitamin B17 a day and they almost never get sick. Vitamin B17, or amygdaline, was first discovered in 1830 in bitter almonds while amygdaline as a cancer cure was first promoted by the chemist Ernst T. Krebs Jr. in the 1950s. Recent studies have found that amygdaline can be naturally found in the seeds of apricots, apples and other fruits that contain vitamin B17.

The theory of curing cancer with vitamin B17 is founded on the discovery that cancer and tumors are the result of malnutrition, or the deficiency of essential minerals and vitamins (B17). Dr. Krebs explains that the fact that “modern” people of the Western civilizations are more prone to cancer than the people in more “primitive” cultures, is simply due to their diet.

One example that he mentions is that the people from the Hunza tribe eat 250-3000mg of vitamin B17 a day, as opposed to the average American or European who gets 2mg of B17 a day, from the average Western diet that is based on industrially processed foods.

The Hunza tribe is an old tribe that lives in North Pakistan, whose people live over 100 years without getting sick. Their diet consists of a lot of vitamin B17 and the tribe’s wealth is measured by the amount of apricot trees they have. The more trees, the more respected and richer the person is considered to be. Dried apricot seeds are rich in nitrilosides (vitamin B17).

The people who promote the cancer industry are the biggest opponents to using vitamin B17 as a cancer cure, even though there is enough evidence to support it.

After a detailed research on the effects of Vitamin B17 on cancer patients, Dr. Krebs gathered sufficient evidence to promote the vitamin as a cancer cure and there were many cases of successful treatments of cancer with high doses of vitamin B17. Dr. Krebs’ theory was further confirmed by Dr. Harold Mannesr and Dr. John A Richardson, both of whom successfully applied the vitamin B17 therapy on their terminal cancer patients. These two doctors were joined by Dean Burk, a notable biochemist at the American National Cancer Research Institute who also supported the use of vitamin B17 in cancer treatment after a number of successful animal trials, and Linus Pauling who likewise shared his support in The New England Journal of Medicine, in 1982.

However, all this support raised an alarm in the promoters of the billion-dollar cancer industry and the worst things about it is that vitamin B17 is not only efficient, but it is also cheap, easily available, and it can’t be patented by the industry, which is probably one of the reasons it wasn’t approved. But not only was it not approved, but Dr. Krebs was discredited and labeled a fraud. Under a fierce pressure from the medical-pharmaceutical mafia, “notable medical experts” proclaimed laetrile as the most sophisticated and meanest fraud in medical history, when it comes to cancer treatment.  Dr. John Richardson even gets sued and the epilogue of the whole campaign was that the FDA proclaimed laetrile as a dangerous

substance and prohibited it from being sold, produced, imported and tested on animals. The ban on laetrile is still active in the USA and Australia.

The story of laetrile has been swept under the carpet for a long time even though it was once very close to being considered as one of the most important discoveries in medicine. Laetrile caused a real craze during the 70s when researches from the Sloan Kettering Center in New York and the Mayo clinic in Rochester concluded that laetrile can really stop the growth of cancer, especially tumors that were small in size. This was done by giving laetrile to patients who were already given chemotherapy and radiation to no great effect. This treatment led to the stabilization of the health in 70% of the patients after only three weeks, despite their advanced disease, after which their laetrile treatment was changed from intravenous to oral.

The famous Princess Karoline from Monako and the actor John Wayne were also treated by vitamin B17 by Dr. Hans Nieper. However, after his death laetrile was once again forgotten. But there is one place that still actively uses laetrile – The Contreras Clinic in Tijuana, where the treatment was used for the past 25 years.

Laetrile was brought back into the public spotlight when German magazines featured Dr. Phillip Day’s book Cancer: Why we’re still dying to know the truth on their front page, even though there were stories of pressure against people who use laetrile in their practice, like the Hanover doctor who was “recommended” to stop treating his patient’s with laetrile.

Anyway, most people get their dose of laetrile from apricot seeds. Most nutritional experts recommend a daily dose of 24-40 apricot seeds, but for people in remission – 16 seeds a day should be the minimal intake. You can buy apricot seeds in many places today, even online shops. However, keep in mind that no web store can legally give any statements on the effect of laetrile and apricot seeds on cancer treatments.

Other sources of laetrile are integral millet and buckwheat. However, if you’re planning to use breads as your source, you should know that they aren’t made with a lot of millet and buckwheat because they would be too hard to eat if they were. You can also find laetrile in various berry seeds like raspberries and blackberries. Apart from containing high doses of laetrile, raspberries also contain another cancer “killer” – the ellagic acid, There are over 48 ingredients that contain ellagic acid, but raspberries contain the highest doses.

You can find laetrile in almost all fruits, except from the citric fruits, but apricots are the best source. People who like gardening can plant several apricot trees in their yard, so that they can have a long-term source of laetrile. You can freeze apricot seeds and use them later, as long as you don’t crack them open.



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