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Monday , December 10 2018
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Glyphosate and cancer: Read how this deadly weed killer promotes multiple myeloma, leukemia, sperm damage, infertility, kidney damage, autism, endocrine disruption, DNA damage and birth defects


More than 30% of all herbicides sprayed anywhere contain glyphosate–the world’s bestselling weed killer. It was patented by Monsanto for use in their Roundup brand, which became more popular when they introduced “Roundup Ready” crops starting in 1996. These genetically modified (GM) plants such as soy, corn, cotton, canola, and …

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5 Ways To Prevent Cancer


Almost every day we hear that someone we know, or maybe a popular person, was diagnosed with cancer. Marketing and awareness-raising among the population is increased in this regard. However, we continue to think that cancer is not something we could experience. And it is. It can happen to anyone. …

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New Sound Treatment Kills Cancer Without Chemo


Is painless cancer treatment that eliminates the need for chemotherapy or radiation really possible? An exciting new treatment technology is being developed that has the potential to do just that for those who are facing the scary diagnosis of cancer. Believe it or not, this cancer treatment technology was developed …

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