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Thursday , September 20 2018
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The Wet Sock Treatment: A Natural Remedy for Cold and Flu


This may be quite a bizarre treatment for some of you, but Jamey Wallace, ND, Clinic Medical Director at Bastyr Center for Natural Health has something else to say on the matter. Wallace is pretty sure that this treatment works. The “heating compress” helps the body heat cold wet socks, …

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7 Remedies That Remove Dark Circles Fast!


The dark circles under the eyes can be very frustrating, and are most often due to fatigue. Therefore, getting a nice 8-hour sleep every night might help you diminish their appearance. However, they might also be a result of genetics and allergies. Today, we will reveal 7 ways to clear …

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What The Urine Color Says About Your Health


Nobody talks about urine in polite company, but it says a lot about you. Its odor, consistency and color are all tell-tale indicators of your lifestyle and well-being, ranging from what you’ve been eating and drinking lately to diseases you might not know you have. Urine is mostly water (at …

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