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Wednesday , January 17 2018

Preventing Cancer with Green Tea: How Much is Needed?


  If you take green tea to reduce your risk of cancer, are you really getting enough? Up until recently, population studies have had mixed results, making it difficult to give clear-cut guidelines on green tea intake. But now, several new meta-studies have begun to shed light on how much …

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12 Cancer-Causing Food Swaps You Need To Make TODAY


It is important to be aware of what we are putting into our bodies. Today, foods are being prepared with different chemicals and additives that replace nutrition with disease. Food now is nutritionally low compared to even 50 years ago. Here are some common foods that are consumed everyday that …

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Ten-year-old, Amish girl, who fled the country to avoid experimental chemotherapy treatments is now cancer-free!


The doctor-bully epidemic is affecting both nurses and patients.  In hospitals across the United States, some physicians are berating nurses, hurling profanities and even physically threatening or assaulting them.  In hospitals in Maryland and Virginia, it was reported that doctors threw surgical equipment at their assistant nurses.(1) Research shows that …

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