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Wednesday , March 20 2019

Hot Health Benefits of Steamed Food


For several years, steaming has been a center of a debate as experts claim this type of cooking is better than the convention one. When you steam, you continuously boil water and the steam it gives off will cook the vegetable. You can use a steamer or a colander and …

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13 Foods to Eat When You’re Pregnant


During pregnancy, a woman’s body needs to be as healthy as it can be. Hence, having a proper, balanced diet is a YES. A pregnant woman needs additional minerals, nutrients, and vitamins. In particular, she has to get extra 300 to 500 calories per day once her baby reaches the …

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19 Amazing Benefits of Mangosteen (Mangustan) For Skin and Health


Considered to be a native fruit of Indonesia, Mangosteen (or Garcinia mangostana), is oftentimes referred to as the “Queen of the Tropical Fruits”, most especially in the South East Asian regions. It is divided into 3 major parts: the deep purple rind, the white edible flesh, and the seeds. Although its …

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Europe Votes to Ban Most Single-Use Plastics By 2021


European Union votes to ban plastic bags, straws, cutlery, plates and carry-out containers across the continent   In three years time, many of the disposable plastic items that have become second “nature” to modern members of civilization will likely disappear across Europe. The European parliament just voted to ban many …

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China is Turning the Rainforest into Cheap Furniture for the U.S.


China is rapidly and illegally gobbling up the world’s second largest rainforest, in Africa, to fuel America’s appetite for cheap furniture.   The second largest rainforest in the world — in Central Africa’s Congo Basin — is disappearing at an alarming rate, despite local laws against deforestation. A new study out of …

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There’s Plastic in Our Poop, Study Finds


After finding microplastics in our seafood, salt and drinking water, scientists have now confirmed there is plastic in our poop too   People are eating plastic particles, and excreting at least some of them, a new study finds. “The inevitable has happened,” National Geographic reports. “Microplastics have already been found in birds and …

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Study: Elderberry Cuts Duration of Colds and Flu in Half


Make sure your medicine cabinet is stocked with elderberry syrup this winter. Studies show it can totally eliminate cold and flu symptoms within 48 hours. Several studies have confirmed the immune-boosting power of elderberries. Studies from 2004 and 2009 demonstrated its ability to cut flu duration in half, and in …

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