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Friday , July 20 2018

Have You Heard About Crassula?


According to some beliefs of Eastern teachers, there are plants that bring more money to the household, namely, attracting energy wealth and prosperity. It is believed that the presence of plants in the room of money has a positive effect on business and the owner brings a better prosperity. Therefore, …

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3 Plants Which Are Deadly For Mosquitoes


If you want to enjoy the most beautiful hours of the year, but at the same time that you do not be disturbed by the boring insects, turn to solutions from nature. Barbecuing with friends in the garden, enjoying the family in the warm evenings on the terrace, watching the …

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HOLY FRUIT: The Fruit Rresponsible For Strengthening The Brain, Cleaning The Blood, Strengthening Muscles And Improving The Vision…


(Juglans regia) or nut is used in many ways, most commonly as an addition to cakes and pastries, salads, pastry, or in the preparation of different ointments. However, little is known about the healing of young leaves, shells of young and immature fruits, which help in many diseases, and are …

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The Boy Died an Hour after Bathing. All Parents Should See This


Many times we don’t care about this but when you spend a day at the swimming pool, it’s only normal that you would feel exhausted and sleepy, especially if you are a child who’s been extremely active throughout the day. This is exactly why Cassandra Jackson didn’t suspect anything when her son told …

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