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Wednesday , March 20 2019

The Latest About Cabbage!


By Dr. Mercola Cabbage doesn’t receive all the fan-fare that other members of the cruciferous vegetable family do, but it should. What is cabbage good for? A better question might be, what isn’t it good for? As one of the most potent medicinal foods available, including cabbage as a regular …

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Flu Vaccine: The Unpredictable Prediction!


By Dr. Mercola Last year’s (2014 to 2015) flu season was said to be one of the worst in years… and the flu vaccine, widely pushed by public health organizations as the bestway to prevent influenza, was a major failure. In January 2015, data from the US Centers for Disease …

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The Link Between Obesity and Cancer!


By Dr. Mercola Obesity is a frequently overlooked factor that can contribute to an increased cancer risk, yet less than 10 percent of Americans are aware of this link.1 According to the National Cancer Institute,2 an estimated 84,000 annual cancer cases are linked to obesity. Obesity may also affect the efficacy …

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The Deadliest Day of the Week!


No, it’s not spooky, creepy Halloween — the most deaths occur on regular old Saturdays. Death can strike on any day of the week, but at Live Science we wanted to know if national data might reveal that some days are deadlier than others. To figure out which day of …

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Aspirin Linked to Lower Brain Cancer Risk!


NEW ORLEANS — Taking aspirin regularly may reduce a person’s risk for a certain type of brain cancer, a new study finds. In the study, researchers found that people who regularly took aspirin had a nearly 34 percent lower risk of a type of brain tumor called a glioma, compared …

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