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Friday , July 20 2018

Testicular Cancer & Cycling: Is There a Link?


Cyclist Ivan Basso’s announcement today that he has testicular cancer comes decades after Lance Armstrong famously battled the disease. Could two cases of testicular cancer in the world’s top cyclists be a coincidence, or does something about competitive cycling increase men’s risk of the disease? Basso said at a news …

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Royal Smoothie For Spring Detoxification Of The Body


From time to time every organism needs a detoxification. This smoothie composed of turmeric, apple, banana, pineapple, spinach, ginger and lemon will refresh you and fill you with energy.     As well as your home and your body needs a spring cleaning ie detoxification. Dispose of toxins that have accumulated …

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5 Cancer – fighting herbs

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Ginger Ginger has long been used in folk medicine to treat everything from colds to constipation. Ginger can be used fresh, in powdered form (ginger spice), or candied. Although the flavor between fresh and ground ginger is significantly different, they can be substituted for one another in many recipes. In …

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Did you know that you can heal sprains, fractures, twisted muscles, and even sores and burns, all with comfrey? It’s rather magical. This herb has been used for centuries to help people treat ailments such as these. This adorable plant with its big leaves and bell-shaped flowers could just have …

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