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Tuesday , January 16 2018



In any major store you will find dozens of products promising to heal your heels, but how do you know which ones work? Why do your feet do this? Your feet do not produce natural oils, they rely on sweat glands to moisturize them and keep them soft. There are …

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E-Cigarettes Have 10x More Cancer Causing Ingredients Than Regular Cigs


E-Cigarettes Have 10x More Cancer Causing Ingredients Than Regular Cigs Apparently, the popular e-cigarettes might not be as safe as we all think.  According to a recent study, they contain vaporous organic compounds, acetone, acetaldehyde, benzopyrene, formaldehyde, and different metal particles and silicate. As the German Cancer Research Center states, …

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Green tea extract weight loss secrets explained


Every year, dozens of less-than-reputable companies seek out new ways to capitalize on Americans’ desire to lose weight, and the stakes can be huge: In the U.S. alone, consumers spend about $35 million on weight loss programs and products each year, making it a market ripe for scams. From “miracle …

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Back Pain and Obesity

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  Many important medical associations now define obesity as a disease. Being overweight or obese is a serious disorder that affects adults and children. Most people know that obesity contributes to the development of coronary heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and colon cancer. However, did you know that obesity is …

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6 Causes of Mechanical Back Pain

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The cause of most back and neck pain is mechanical—meaning the source of the pain may be triggered by the movements of the spine. The moving parts of the spinal column include ligaments, tendons, muscles, intervertebral discs, vertebral bodies, and facet joints. A common region for mechanical low back pain …

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Lower Back Pain Treatment

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Treatment for lower back pain depends upon the patient’s history and the type and severity of pain. The vast majority of lower back pain cases get better within six weeks without surgery, and lower back pain exercises are almost always part of a treatment plan. See Lower Back Stabilization Exercises …

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