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Wednesday , January 17 2018

The Difference Between 6 and 8 hours Of Sleep


-“Not enough sleep is the same as if you were driving your car for days on a road full of holes”-explains Dr Ishaad Ibrahim. “The longer you drive on holes, the more you ruin your car. The same happens to your body when it is continuously deprived of sleep.” Not …

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Why Do We Wrinkle When Wet?


These experiments reveal amazing things! Until 1935 it has been thought that the skin on our finger wrinkles after a long period in water, because of the osmosis and it has been thought that it stretches when wet. But, the additional experiments reveal an amazing thing. The video made by …

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Get Rid Of Facial Hair With Natural Ingredients


There are many different methods for removing facial hair. Some of them are really effective and include electro depilation, photo and laser depilation, but they are very expensive and require many outlays. These are traditional depilation methods for removing facial hair at home. They don’t require especial financial outlay and …

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Lemon Crust Recipe For Wrist Pain


Put lemon crust from two lemons in a jar and pour olive oil over them to the top of the jar. Close the jar and leave it for two weeks. After that, the remedy is ready for use. Pour over gaze from it and put it on the wrist that …

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